Looking For a Designer Wedding Dress? Read This…

You’re engaged. Congratulations! Your next big step: finding the perfect designer dress. Though many brides have dreamed about this experience since they were little girls, shopping for designer wedding dresses is also known to commonly strike fear in the hearts of brides everywhere. Have no fear. If you’re looking for a designer wedding dress, then you’ll definitely want to read this. What’s Your Style? Many brides fail to ask themselves a very important question before they begin their search: what is the style of the wedding. Will it be a large, orthodox event in a grand cathedral? A lush, tropical beach wedding? Perhaps yours will be a no-nonsense civil ceremony. You might opt for a sophisticated affair in a modern location. The list goes on and on. When it comes to wedding styles, there are literally no limits. Thus, it’s very wise to first choose your style before consider your wedding dress. There are no rules that dictate what type of dress you wear to your wedding. There’s no reason why you can’t wear a sassy designer minidress bedecked in white ostrich feathers to a traditional church ceremony. And who says you can’t wear a decadent, princess-style designer gown to a hoedown wedding? Your wedding day is all about you. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Though the choice is yours, it’s always very considerate to speak with your fiancé about his preferences. This is, after all, also about him. Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to dresses. That way, you’ll be certain to take his breath away when he sees you walking down the aisle. Fabric This is an important factor, ladies. Designer wedding dresses are available in a wide variety of fabrics. In order to narrow down your selection, think about the season in which you’re getting married. Summer wedding? Consider light fabrics such as crepe or chiffon. Heavy fabrics, including silk and satin, are great for cooler temperatures. You may, of course, wear your fantasy satin wedding gown during any season, but will you be comfortable? Remember, you’ll likely be spending several hours in this frock. Lots of standing, sitting and –most importantly– posing. Speaking of posing for photos, this should also be considered when selecting a fabric. You definitely want your dress to stay as smooth and fresh-looking as possible throughout the event; fabric that wrinkles easily might not be the best choice. One final fabric question: would you like that embellished? Some brides insist on mega-watt sparkly gowns. Others prefer simple pearls or a modest arrangement of crystals. There are, of course, those brides that shun bling of any kind and opt for embroidery. A great number of designer wedding dresses feature these types of decoration. Do you have a preference? Too White, or Not Too White? That is the Question Must you wear white? Easy: no way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More and more brides are shunning tradition and tying the knot in dresses other than basic white. Yes, most brides still opt for some semblance of a light-colored gown, but there are many choices other than the customary color. Ivory, diamond white, cream, petal… all these can be yours if you so desire. Unless you have the perfect skin tone for a pure white dress, consider the aforementioned colors. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from getting hitched in a crimson gown. Again, the choice is yours. Silhouette and Shape Do you know what dress styles are most flattering to your shape? If not, the dressing room of your designer bridal boutique will become your home away from home for a while. It’s imperative to try on dresses of each shape so that you can determine which styles look best on you. The ideal gown will conceal flaws and emphasize assets. Dresses shaped in a ball-gown fashion are ideal brides with pear-shaped bodies, but aren’t necessarily the best for full-figured brides, as they may over-exaggerate their size. Many petite brides choose dresses with sleeker silhouettes, such as column styles, to prevent them from appearing “lost” in the garment. Dresses with empire waists are also ideal for slim body types, especially those with smaller busts. Got curves? Try mermaid style gowns, which hug the body and flare at the knee. Regardless of your size or the style of dress you choose, don’t forget to speak to your bridal consultant about the proper undergarments; critical for creating a flawless silhouette. Ask for Help If you’re still floundering over what to choose, ask for help. Any reputable designer wedding dress boutique employs top-notch consultants who specialize in one thing: your perfect wedding dress. They’re your greatest asset. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice and opinions. Also, bring several bridesmaids along for input. And, of course, don’t forget mom. She’s been waiting years for this opportunity! Have someone bring a camera and notebook to keep a record about your ideal styles and designers. Good luck finding that perfect dress. It’s out there; you just have to be patient. Most of all, enjoy yourself. This is a very special occasion. Relish every moment of it.

Cheap Designer Wedding Dresses: The Three S

Recession or no recession, you may want to wear designer wedding dresses on your wedding day. And who can blame you? It is your moment of glory, after all, and moments of glory deserve only the finest finery! With that being said here are the three S of getting your manicured hands on cheap designer wedding dresses. Sample Sales When you were a single lady, you probably heard of brides-to-be stampeding into stores in search of the Holy Grail of wedding dresses, designer or not. You probably thought, too, that there is no way on Earth you are going to be one of the masses, figuratively speaking of course. However, now that you are about to add another ring to your finger, then you need to consider sample sales to save on wedding costs. Simply put, sample sales are events where stores sell their wedding wares at a discount, a hefty discount. This happens about once a year so you need to tap into your network of family and friends to be on the alert for these sales. Here is how it works: You line up very early in the morning in front of the store. You then join the throngs of brides-to-be who dress and undress themselves in designer wedding dresses at the speed of light. You choose the dress and you pay for it. Some tips: Go in your bathing suit to save on the hassles of getting into fitting rooms. Bring along a friend to help you with the process. Have an idea of your wedding dress to save time on looking at dresses that you will not like anyway. Most importantly, try to be a size 8 to 10 because that’s usually the largest size available. Second-Hand Shops There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing second-hand designer wedding dresses especially when these are heirlooms. Think vintage and you can become one of the most fashionable brides on the block. When you buy from second-hand stores, however, always opt for those in upscale neighborhoods for better finds. Or better yet, go to consignment shops. You can usually find better dresses in these stores since they only accept items in perfect and near-perfect conditions, which means more bargains for you. Be sure to check if you can afford the cost of alterations and repairs since most second-hand shops don’t have return policies. Even if they profess to accept returns, put it in writing. Sites over the Internet Yes, the Internet is one of the best ways to save money on designer wedding dresses. Usually, websites will offer lesser prices than brick-and-mortar stores mainly because the profits of the middlemen are eliminated. And then there are the auction sites like eBay, of course. You must proceed with caution, however, as there are Internet scammers who will not hesitate to rob money from starry-eyed brides like you. When looking for the perfect designer wedding dresses to make you the glowing bride, you should never settle for less but you must balance it with your finances. Besides, who will know that what you’re wearing is cheap for a designer dress?