What Should You Be Paying For Wedding Photography?

The Wedding Photography is arguably the most important element of the entire wedding, especially after the fact. That being the case, how much should you spend and what is the relationship between price and quality?

So, you’ve been to a bunch of Wedding Photography websites and wow is it ever confusing. Sometimes it seems like every Tom, Dick & Harry has bought a digital camera, set-up a website and is offering to photograph one of the most important days of your life. Often the pictures look pretty good as does the website (even though it’s probably a $100 template site). And pricing is extremely reasonable, going as low as $1000 for full day coverage.

Firstly, don’t be enamored with a photographer solely based on seeing the pictures in the Wedding Gallery on their site. Needless to say, these galleries will showcase their best work, which means the best pix from each wedding. The reality is that anyone, including guests, can take a few good pictures at a wedding, even with a point and shoot. Therefore, to get a proper idea of a photographer’s skill and style ask to see a couple of entire weddings � 400 pictures from the same wedding will be very revealing.

Depending on where you live, the average price for an experienced photographer might be around $2500 for a full-day. So, what can you realistically expect from an inexperienced photographer who might have photographed less than 20 weddings and is charging around $1000? That’s not an easy question to answer. There are some very talented up-and-coming photographers who because they are early into their careers offer an amazing value for the work they do. But these photographers are in the minority. Wedding Photography is very challenging. Experience counts and there are no redoes. It requires great interpersonal skills (some photographers should only take pictures of objects). It requires an understanding of timing and logistics as they relate to the particular wedding at hand. And while many artistic photographers poopoo/denigrate wedding photography it requires the most skill, often on the fly. A Professional Wedding Photographer will also have back-up equipment in case things go wrong � many amateurs do not, which his scary indeed.

All of this is not to say that by paying more to someone whose been around for a while you’re guaranteed to get great pictures. On the contrary, it’s best to do your homework. Go on forums and see if anyone is saying anything about the wedding photographer(s) you’re interested in. You’ll read some disturbing and/or crazy stories about the photographer drinking on the job, interrupting the ceremony to ask the officiant to do something again, hitting on bridesmaids, etc. Do your due diligence.

Meanwhile, in this day and age of difficult economic times it’s easy to pay less for wedding photography, but keep in mind that all you have after the wedding are the pictures (and maybe video). You might be better served trimming from other areas, such as flowers, which only a small percentage of people will notice or care about � or the DJ (unless you’re getting something very special, most wedding DJs sound the same. Their get-up may look nicer, but they invariably play the same songs.)

In conclusion, if you’re a bit of a gambler, you’re on a tight budget and you’ve really checked things out, a cheaper photographer may work out just fine. More often than not though, the axiom/adage, �you get what you pay for�, usually applies to wedding photography. So, if it’s in the budget, do plenty of research, get some recommendations and pay extra to get a professional. It’ll be worth it.

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Beautiful Church Wedding Dresses

The bright shade of yellow colour was very popular. In the 18th century it was THE most fashionable colour for a while, and many wore it, a bride of around 1774 whose dress is at the Gallery of English Costume in Manchester, before that time it had been associated with heathens and non Christians and was considered an unholy shade to wear in church! Lower class brides generally wore grey colors as they were able to wear it again and again as Sunday best in 1842 this colour became associated with domestic service as they were give a new grey dress every year.

The a line wedding dress is one of the most popular styles of wedding gowns today. It is easy to see why. The A line, also commonly referred to as the princess wedding gown, looks nice on just about everyone. A Line Wedding Dresses look Fabulous on just about everyone. This dress style is a good choice whether you are petite, full figured or somewhere in between. This style of wedding dress lengthens the body without drawing attention to the waist. It is the perfect choice for all weddings; it fits in nicely whether you are having a small casual wedding outside or a big church wedding. This style is universal; it is gorgeous and looks good on just about everyone.

I must be a hopeless romantic for ball gown wedding dresses have always been my favorite! And the 2011 collection from Pronovias is a must-see. They’re all gorgeous, but my absolute favorite is this one (Felisa):Just imagine a romantic church wedding in a historic church as your setting. Or an elegant garden location in a botanical garden. Then consider bridesmaid dresses in a summer color like aqua or apricot! The groom is all dressed up in an ascot tie, while your groomsmen are handsomely attired in tuxedos. It’s definitely a wedding fit for a princess!

Every girl always tends to be willing to spend a small fortune to light up her beauty on her nuptials. Particularly for fashion-conscious girl, she will hope to seem amazingly elegant or chic on her wedding. Thus, a flamboyant and elegant wedding dress becomes the really required finishing touch to help her show her best. And with the various wedding dresses available, it makes a little bit confused to find the best dress.

Color, style and ceremonial great need of the luxurious organza strapless designer wedding dressesBride Wedding Gowns relies on the faith and culture within the individuals. Colored satin bridesmaid dresses can sometimes be less expensive as compared with their traditional possibilities, given that there’s an easy lower level associated with a demand. Finally,

should you want to make a good statement, and then the colored custom-made muslim bridal dresses UK will do this on your behalf. Custom-made wedding prom dresses UK colors, that were considered favored throughout the Regency span included; blue, pink, and green UK wholesale flower girls dresses.

Cufflinks For The Wedding Party

A man’s life and the lives of those he calls his best friends come in distinct stages. There’s the late elementary school stage when a boy and his friends all realize that girls aren’t really cootie-ridden after all. This is immediately followed by the middle school stage when they all lose their boyish voices simultaneously and start speaking like real men and not little girls. The high school stage is marked by the beginnings and endings of young blossoming romance, hand holding, and of course…kissing. In the college stage, there are more serious relationships, some fantastic, others troubling. Then it’s on into the 20s (and sometimes even the 30s) when it seems all of the guy friends start getting engaged and married. Invitations start popping out right and left, there’s a new bachelor party every other weekend, best men are chosen, tuxedos are fitted, and some of history’s best toasts are crafted. As a chosen man about to embark on the journey of marriage, you are luckily exempt from many of the stresses of wedding planning; sure you may have to go with your bride to test various wedding cake options (easy enough) and pick out the china (just go with the flow on this one), but you might be one of the lucky guys whose bride leaves a lot of the details and planning up to herself and her bridesmaids and mother. One tradition you might get roped into, however, is the selection of the wedding party gifts. Now, you might be thinking, wait, what? Aren’t I the one who is meant to receive gifts? It is, after all, MY wedding. True, but you and your bride have likely asked a few select close friends to be part of your wedding party; they’ll shell out a couple hundred bucks for dresses/suits/tuxes they will never wear again; transportation costs and hotel stays (for the duration of your wedding events) they will likely get to enjoy. The least you could do is acknowledge their participation and friendship with a small token of appreciation. Traditionally, the bride will select the gifts for her bridesmaids leaving you flying solo to choose the gifts for your best guy friends. If you happen to have large sums of money burning a hole in your pocket you could spring for the latest High Def plasma screen television or round trip tickets to anywhere in the world, but, really, what groom has any type of money after shelling out a small fortune for an upscale wedding? A great groomsmen gift that not only speaks “class” but is equally useful for the wedding is a great set of cufflinks (just a note: gifts for the wedding party are often handed out at the rehearsal dinner the night before). Depending on the theme or tone of your wedding, there are cufflinks to meet your specific occasion. Here are just a few cufflinks ideas for different wedding themes: • If you and your groomsmen all happen to work in the same industry (for example, accounting or high tech) a set of business or career-related cufflinks could definitely be a possibility. Maybe you and your best buds work volunteer for the local firehouse or are all policemen. There are several cufflink options available for those lines of work as well. • Should the wedding be a bit more upscale and formal (maybe you’re one of the lucky dogs getting married at the Plaza in New York City…we all hate and envy you by the way), the more traditional solid colored cufflinks might be the best route to go. Colored cufflinks can be matched to the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses which will make your bride swoon in your attempts to participate and coordinate. • So you and your buddies are those diehard football fans who look forward to the fantasy football drafts in August? That’s easy. Pick each of your buddy’s favorite NFL teams and get them the corresponding cufflinks to individually represent themselves at the wedding. Sure, you might hate the Patriots, but your buddy doesn’t; remember, he’s doing you a huge honor by standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life. • You could take the personalization of your groomsmen a step further and give them initial letter cufflinks. Your best man, Doug Henderson for example, could have a set of cufflinks with the letter ‘D’ or ‘H’, or one of each.. There are also engravable cufflinks that you could have scribed with the date of the wedding or the nicknames of your groomsmen. A set of cufflinks are a great gift for the groomsmen in your wedding party. Not only are they tasteful and classy, they can also be used for many future upscale occasions. They are also a versatile gift as there are cufflinks to fit just about any occasion. If your buddies are Star Wars fanatics who plan to hold light sabers up for you and your bride to walk under down the aisle (with the Star Wars theme gently playing in the background), there are even Star-Wars-inspired cufflinks. In fact, I just Googled “Darth Vader cufflinks” and got almost 200 hits, so that should tell you a little something right there. Simply have your bride or another competent wrapper gift wrap these presents for your groomsmen, write a personalized note to each (please put something a bit more personalized than “Thanks!” with a stamped signature) and watch the man-tears flow at the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Basics: The Wedding Party and Who to Choose

Choosing a maid of honor is a cinch. You need only ask yourself who you called first after he popped the question. But selecting additional bridesmaids can be a chore. There is no set number. Some brides have five friends by their side and others have only one. In this article, we will review a few simple rules for choosing wedding party members. Agree on a Numbe The size of the wedding often determines the size of the wedding party. Smaller, more intimate affairs rarely have much of a wedding party. The happy couple will typically stand beside a best man and a maid of honor. But at larger ceremonies, a full wedding party is customary. Choosing friends and family members to sit at the head table is never easy. There are bound to be some hurt feelings. But one way to limit them is to agree on the size of the wedding party beforehand. That way, if a friend or relative misses the cut, you can explain to them that you were only allowed to pick three bridesmaids and that they were number four. Consider Personalities Unlike their male counterparts, the bridesmaids actually have responsibilities. They have to help the bride find her dress, find their own dresses, plan a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and help the bride with her makeup and her dress on the big day. In short, they have to be responsible and agreeable. Now, we’re not saying they have to be choirgirls. But if you have a fun friend who’s a bit selfish and doesn’t play well with others, she might not be bridesmaid material. You need a group of girls who can pull together and put your needs before their own. Yes, you have the right to be selfish on your big day! A bridesmaid should understand and accept that fact and nod her head, even if she isn’t hot on the dress you want her to wear. Ask an In-Law Most bridal parties include family members, but when it comes to future in-laws most brides-to-be are on the fence. If their future husband has a sister they don’t really know very well, should they ask them to be a bridesmaid? Will the future sister-in-law feel slighted if she is not included in the wedding party? These aren’t easy questions to answer. Our advice to you is to err on the side of caution. Yes, it may mean excluding a close friend, but your friends will understand. This simple gesture will go a long way to winning the approval and affection, if you don’t already have it, of your future in-laws. And who knows, you might make a new friend in the process. Always Have a B Team The average wedding takes about a year to plan. One common mistake many couples make is that they select a wedding party as soon as possible. Well, call us cynical, but a lot can happen in a year. Best friends can become enemies, people can move away, or they may simply fall out of touch. That is why it is always a good idea to select a final wedding party about halfway through the planning process. It is also a good idea to have a few backup bridesmaids on call. Yes, this is unabashedly Machiavellian, but we recommend an aunt or a cousin who is already attending the ceremony. There are two reasons for this. One, they are family, so they will feel obligated to step in and fill the role. Two, they will likely feel grateful that you thought of them first, which of course you didn’t…but who’s keeping score? Don’t be Afraid to Bend the Rules Modern women are far more likely to have male friends than their mothers were. Whether they meet at work, at college, or they grew up together, a bride-to-be should not be embarrassed about having a man in her bridal party. Sure, he might look a little strange in the dress…just kidding! The truth is that many contemporary couples invite members of the opposite sex to stand beside them on their big day. Yes, there are groomswomen and bridesmen! Keep Bending There is nothing that says you have to have only one maid of honor. Yes, it’s your day. But if you have two best friends and you know both of them would be upset if you passed them over, it is perfectly permissible to have two maids of honor. Returning to Machiavelli, it’s actually a very shrewd move. First, it will make both of them feel special, which is always a good thing when it comes to close friends. And second, the maid of honor actually has to work for her title. Not only does she plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, but she also helps the bride with wedding planning. Having two maids of honor can make wedding season a heck of a lot easier. Picking your wedding party gives you a chance to surround yourself with your favorite family members and friends. Those who don’t make the cut will get over it once they remember who’s special day it is anyway—yours!

Wedding Checklist: Wedding Party Favors

Your wedding day is approaching and included to your wedding checklist are different task and responsibilities to be properly done. Wedding is perhaps one of the most memorable moment for couple’s lives, thus proper planning and preparation matters most. Literally, planning and preparing for a wedding isn’t easy as one-two-three. One of perhaps minor items included in any wedding checklist are wedding party favors. Although they can be very minor, but the fact that giving favors during weddings is one of marriage tradition and until now is widely recognized. Party favors come in wide variety of selection to choose from, you can find these items usually at local bridal gift shops and even at online stores. Manufacturers of these items made variety of option according to different wedding themes. Weddings like beach themed, travel themed, formal and non-formal themed weddings have their own appropriate favors. Example, for beach themed weddings, party favor choices could be something that are related to beach-like atmosphere. You may consider favors that include beach sand, stone, seashells and the like. Or perhaps, if your wedding fall in other season, a winter wedding for instance, you can find winter themed favors also like Snowflake Bottle Stopper, Snowflake Gel Candle, Snowflake Place Card Holder, “Snow Fall” Exquisite Glass Photo Coaster and more. For fall weddings, consider a Fall Leaf Tea Light Place Card Holder or Fall Leaf Cookie Cutter Wedding Favor. Wedding party favors are accessories that can make a big difference to your wedding. They were given to simply show deep appreciation to all the attendees and participants during the said celebration. Though they aren’t mandatory, but the fact that they can make a thoughtful remembrance for your guests is enough reason to definitely include them in your checklist. These favors however can be presented also during pre-wedding parties such as bridal shower party and bachelor’s party. Also, the idea of choosing appropriate favor is important to not just accentuate the party but also to commemorate the celebration. Popular kind of wedding favors today are those that were custom-made. These options are ideal in today’s fashionable weddings for they can be very stylish to jazz up any wedding themes. The choices for custom-made favors are plenty, from simple to exquisite. You can find custom-made choices like personalized favors, a sure hit not only during wedding but also for other occasions and gatherings. Personalized items are from simple things that were enhanced by means of decorations and personalizing. Personalizing can be through embroidering, engraving and even monogramming. The advantage of personalized option is, something that was made with personal touch can be very meaningful to any receiver. Whether it is a expensive or inexpensive, a personalized gift are likely to be more appreciated that any other gifts. Also, you may opt to choose personalized items not only to serve as your personalized wedding favors but to serve as special gifts for your participants. Personalized items can make a one of a kind parents wedding gifts, maid of honor and bridesmaids wedding gifts, or best man and groomsmen wedding gifts.

Wedding Flower Ideas to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Perfect

Your wedding bouquet is the definitive accessory for your wedding dress. No matter what time of year you are getting married, there’s an appropriate bouquet arrangement and design that will flatter your dress on this special day. A lot of brides don’t even recognize that there are various wedding bouquet designs to pick from and each one compliments a particular look or style that can take the wedding outfit from beautiful to spectacular.

To select the correct bouquet, discern your body size, the fashion of your wedding gown and the look you want to depict. To flatter a taller bride, or for the bride who wishes to look taller, a cascade bouquet is what you should get. This bouquet has the most flowers at the top, with blooms cascading downward and a trail of foliage, ribbon and flowers which run on past the main bouquet. This bouquet is also a good option for the bride who wants to look slimmer. Because it’s a long bouquet that is rounded at the top and is pointy at the bottom, it makes the bride look taller and more slender. This bouquet design is thought to be voluptuous and elegant, making it a clear choice for a more formal event.

The round bouquet is a timeless bouquet design that goes back long before the Victorian era. A round bouquet, occasionally called a nosegay, can be ideal for a formal event, but works just as well in a more relaxed situation. On the other hand, a round bouquet may in fact make a bride’s hips look larger, as the round shape calls attention to the hips where the bouquet is usually carried. For brides with a petite body and slim figures, a round bouquet is ideal since the body lines will be in balance.

The wedding bouquet is a custom that dates back nearly as far as weddings themselves. While it’s clear that the flowers are a representation of fertility, the beginning of the wedding bouquet and the custom of tossing the bouquet (thereby handing over that fertility) to a different available young lady aren’t as clear. It’s enough to say that the wedding bouquet is nowadays a time-honored ritual that is seen in most weddings these days. Formerly just a small and simple assembly of flowers, the wedding bouquet has progressed over time to the point where hundreds of dollars are now paid out on attractively designed and arranged elaborate wedding bouquets.

The majority of modern brides, moreover, will frequently have two bouquets. One ornate wedding bouquet is meant to be carried down the aisle during the ceremony and used in photographs while the other is usually smaller and meant to be tossed into the crowd of single girlfriends who will then go on to claw and scramble at each other in an effort to be the lucky girl who seizes the bouquet and so becomes the next lady predestined to be married. Contemporary florists take a lot of pride in the wedding bouquets they create and offer.

Seldom is the plain collection of daisies observed at modern weddings. Alternatively, wedding bouquets now comprise a diversity of bouquet designs, including arrangements of roses, calla lilies, and sweet pea or conventional roses and white lilies. Even sunflowers have made it into contemporary wedding bouquet compositions. The arrival of the internet has expanded the range of obtainable choices in many industries, and flowers are included here. The reality that floral products can be conceived and purchased online has spiked a lot of competition among florists, triggering each to attempt to outdo the others by offering larger and greater variety in all of their arrangements, wedding bouquets included.

Beautiful Silk Wedding Bouquets

Every bride deserves to have a unique wedding to make her stand out from the rest. Now you can with silk wedding bouquets. These artificial flower arrangements are stunning and one of kind. All of your girlfriends will be asking you about your bouquet for their weddings. Make yourself the center of attention with a sleek and beautiful silk flower arrangement. If you are not sure why silk wedding bouquets are the best types of bouquets to be used during your wedding ceremony, then read along!

Nowadays, many people are having their wedding ceremonies outdoors. Fresh flower bouquets tend to wilt if they are not exposed to ideal weather conditions. Even on the loveliest days, these bouquets still have flaws because they will only last a certain period of time out of refrigeration and water before the flower arrangement loses its shape, color and radiance. However, you will never have to plan your wedding ceremony nor the length of the reception around a silk flower bouquet. This artificial bouquet will be exquisite from the moment you receive it and will look spectacular for years to come. If you ever renew your vows, you can use the same silk wedding bouquet. Many women love keepsakes from their wedding and now their wedding bouquet can be part of the memories. Just like your love, these flowers will never die. You can admire your silk wedding bouquet for seasons to come and you can even pass them down from generation to generation (as long as you all use the same color scheme!) Plus, your wedding day may be full of unexpected surprises. With a silk flower wedding bouquet, you will have one thing less to worry about.

Another reason to choose a silk wedding bouquet is that the masters who create these artworks can match any wedding colors. Your wedding day will be one of the largest events that you plan and everything should be perfect, right down to the colors according to season. Women noticed when colors do not match, so luckily with a silk flower bouquet you will notice that they match exquisitely to your wedding colors. All you have to do is send a swatch of fabric with the color or colors that you would like to have in your silk wedding bouquet and they will match it. How easy! Some companies have a wedding color tool that will assist in your search for the perfect wedding colors for your silk bouquet. They also categorize colors by season such as winter and summer wedding colors and by month. You are also recommended to choose wedding color combinations for silk flower arrangements such as baby pink and chocolate brown for the most expressive silk wedding bouquets.

The Dream Wedding Bouquet

Chances are you will purchase more flowers for your wedding than at any other time in your life. Choosing the perfect wedding bouquet is almost as important as picking the perfect gown. There are many different styles of wedding bouquets and which style you choose usually depends on your wedding dress. When you are having your wedding is also an important factor when considering which bouquet is perfect for you. Wedding bouquets come in many different styles.

The most traditional and formal type of wedding bouquet is the cascade. It is a beautiful water fall like spill of flowers in a hand held base. As the name implies the flowers cascade down like a waterfall. The traditional flowers used in a cascade wedding bouquet are white and are traditionally roses or lilies. The cascade wedding bouquet has the appearance of being loose and free flowing, and should match the dress. The perfect dress for a cascade wedding bouquet is the traditional wedding dress with a long flowing train.

Another traditional wedding bouquet is the classic hand tied bouquet. It usually consists of a bunch of blooms anchored in a bouquet holder and either wired in or hand tied. This option gives the look of fresh picked spring flowers and is usually used in spring weddings. This is a very versatile wedding bouquet and looks great with any type of flowers or wedding dress.

If your going for something a little less traditional then there is the nosegay. The nosegay is a general term for any small and round cluster of flowers cut to a uniform length. There is typically very little greenery in this type of wedding bouquet. If you are thinking of a Victorian theme for your wedding then the nosegay wedding bouquet would fit in perfect. For an even more Victorian look you can replace the typical bouquet holder with a tussy mussy. A tussy mussy is just a silver carrying cone that can replace the bouquet holder.

Two other less traditional wedding bouquets are the arm bouquet and the composite. The arm bouquet is exactly what the name implies, an elegant crescent shaped bouquet designed to be carried in one arm. The composite wedding bouquet is a handmade creation in which several different petals or buds are wired together on to a single stem to give the impression of one giant flower.

Summer Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Summer is the best time to get married if you’re looking for the lushest and fullest bouquet of fresh flowers you can find! It’s always easier and more economical to obtain flowers that are in season. And summer is the best time for fresh cut flowers! Leave the silks and artificial flowers for the cold month weddings because you have an abundance of beauty at your fingertips! Take advantage of the season’s bounty.

What’s even more special about these beautiful blooms is that they offer such lovely sentiments. Flowers have meanings, and you can choose to use your bouquet to make a statement with them, or you can just enjoy their beauty and go with what looks appealing to you. Either way, it’s OK because it’s your day! But if you do choose to put a message in your arrangement, you’ll find this season’s flowers to offer the sweetest notions.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular summer wedding flowers and their meanings to help you plan the perfect bouquet.


The most traditional of all floral arrangements that are romantic in nature and also one of the best scented too, the rose means love, joy, and beauty. No wonder they’re so popular with weddings! They look perfect in any bouquet, not to mention corsages, boutonnières, and centerpieces.

They’re breathtaking by themselves or mixed with other flowers. They come in many colors and varieties as well. It’s easy to see why roses are probably the most popular and most familiar to us for wedding arrangements.


Fresh and simple, the daisy offers a child-like innocence to your wedding bouquet. They almost evoke images of playing make-believe bride with a ring of them in your hair. They’re a great filler to complete an arrangement with other flowers. Or gerber daisies can be the focal point of your bouquet, as they are available in so many vibrant shades.

These romantic darlings mean “share your feelings”. This is also an appropriate sentiment for a wedding day, if you’re planning to take part in this tradition.


Nothing says summer like a sunflower! They’re bold, they’re sunny, and they’re striking. They make a great focal point to a bouquet, but also work splendidly in a centerpiece or free-standing arrangement because of their size and long sturdy stems.

It’s easy to see where they get their meaning of “adoration” because it’s so easy to adore their versatility and beauty!


Orchids are one of the most traditional bridal bouquet components. They’re elegant and soft and look like they were created just for brides! Meaning “beauty” and “love” it’s certainly easy to think they exist almost exclusively for your bouquet.


There’s no other flower with a more distinct and enjoyable aroma as the lilac. With their soft and fresh appearance, they’re a very popular complement or focal point to a wedding bouquet. And who wouldn’t enjoy a handful of these for the day?

With a meaning of “love’s first emotion” don’t they evoke the best feelings for a wedding day? They’re perfect!


Carnations are a long-time popular wedding flower. They make great fillers, they’re inexpensive, and they are available in a variety of shades and colors.

Their meaning is mostly contingent on their color. For example white carnations mean “talent”, pink means “bold”, and red means “love”.

Carnations are most commonly used in wedding bouquets because of their appearance and because of their vibrant color varieties.

Calla Lilies

These stylish beauties have really gained popularity over the last decade. They’re so stylish and modern-looking that they’re used in everything from the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets to centerpieces and arrangements. They offer an opportunity for asymmetry and eclectic design to whatever piece they complement.

They mean “magnificent beauty”, which is entirely appropriate considering the style and grace they offer us.


Peonies mean “bashfulness”, but you won’t be bashful about stealing a whiff now and then when these join your bouquet! The peony smells so sweet and looks so soft, it’s easy to see where they get their meaning.

They’re a large flower that can easily be a center or focal point to your bouquet or arrangement.


Tulips are colorful, strong, and vibrant. They’re perfect for pageant-style bouquets or designs where good sturdy stems are needed. They also make excellent choices in other arrangements and centerpieces.

Meaning “love and passion” they’ll certainly make the right statement for your wedding!

Baby’s Breath

One of the most popular fillers for most all floral arrangements, baby’s breath is sweet, simple, and adds softness where you need it. They’re not overly fragrant, so they won’t interfere with your other bouquet choices.

They’re meaning of “innocence” is so fitting considering their name and appearance. It makes a great addition to your overall theme or meaning with your bouquet.

The great news about today’s weddings is that almost anything goes! If you enjoy conventional customs and wish to stick with the old traditions, then you have a lot to choose from! Whether it is your bouquet, your dress, your ceremony proceedings, or how you celebrate at your reception, the old practices still hold true. You can piece together the sweetest statement with your wedding bouquet and save a lot of money by choosing flowers that are in-season.

However these days you can pretty much create the bouquet of your choice, and anything else regarding your wedding for that matter. It’s unlikely there will be a floral expert there waiting to calculate each flower in your bouquet and make sure it’s appropriate. So, choose what you like! But if you do enjoy adding meaning to your choices, enjoy the sweet notions you have to choose from. After all, the wedding bouquet is a tradition in itself.

How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Bouquet

One of the biggest decisions you are going to ever make is what flowers you will carry in your hands as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Every bride has her own ideas, her own preferences and tastes, this means that what you like may not appeal to someone else, but there are some factors you can take into consideration to help you choose the perfect wedding bouquet that will make a statement and blend in with your theme and dress on the day.

The best start in deciding on your wedding bouquet is to go through bridal magazines. You have probably already got a number of magazines you have been going through for inspiration, but these can also hep inspire you when it comes to your bridal flowers. Look at what brides are using in their bouquets with different gowns and in different seasons. This will help you identify what you don’t like, what you do like and what you really want to have.

The good news is that this is your special day, so there is no right or wrong decision. If you love roses, then there is nothing stopping you adding roses to your wedding bouquet. If you love carnations, lilies or even daisies, then why not add them to make your bouquet unique and match your personality and style?

Set yourself a budget before you start your search. When it comes to your wedding day, you have probably allocated budget to each aspect from your gown to the caterers and the reception to your bridal flowers and wedding bouquet. Having a budget can help you identify the best flowers, find the right florist and ensure that you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

If you are working to a very tight budget, then use expensive flowers sparingly and bulk your bouquet up with cheaper options, mixing and matching them to get the desired look you want to achieve.

Always focus on the theme and get the colors you want that will provide you with the color scheme you are looking to achieve. Bright bouquets are perfect for a summer wedding, making the statement you want to make and still add a bit of fun and color to your theme.

Remember that fresh flowers are available based on season. It’s advisable to speak to your florist and see what flowers will be in season during your wedding month, this way you have an idea on what flowers you can have in your wedding bouquet without worrying on whether they will be available or not.

Always choose a reputable florist, a company with years of knowledge and experience in the flower industry who can provide you with advice, make recommendations and help you make the right decision when it comes to the flowers you should be using in your wedding bouquet. They will be able to identify with your theme and season and then make recommendations on what they think should be included in your bouquet, you can then decide what you do and don’t want to include.

When it comes to choosing a florist, you will find these days you don’t have to rely on high street florists, you can buy your wedding bouquet online from a reputable online florist, this often works out cheaper and helps you stay within your budget. Remember online florists don’t have the expensive overheads and therefore are able to share this saving with their customers.

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